School Council News

Greetings and welcome back to all of our school community.

It was wonderful to see so many new people come out to support our students and also, so many familiar faces back to continue their work. We thank last year’s members for their time and dedication, and we held elections for the 2019-2020 council. The results are as follows:

Danielle Follett - Chair

Melissa Whalen  - Co Chair

Stephanie Mauro - Secretary

Agata Carnrite - Co - Secretary

Lindsay Frater - Treasurer 

Alicia Leany, Lindsay Frater and Agata Carnrite - Fundraising

The 2019-2020 HBP School Council will once again endeavour to carry out the council’s mandate to:

“provide guidance and feedback to our school’s principal and staff, on behalf of the parent community;

provide volunteer support for school initiatives; to raise funds for extracurricular activities, programs, and

infrastructure initiatives, that are not funded by the school board. “

We would also like to make note that the success of all of our efforts hinges on the support we receive from our school community – you (the guardians, students, teachers, family and community members) who carry out the fundraising campaigns and provide us with your insight. We thank you, once again, for your support in the past and we look forward to working with you this year in our upcoming endeavours.

Should you have thoughts, questions or concerns, or would like to get involved feel free to join us for our monthly meetings in the school library. These meetings take place the first Tuesday of the month (upcoming meeting Monday November 5th) at 6pm. Additionally, you can leave a message for our chairs, Danielle Follett or Melissa Whalen, at the school’s office or via the school’s telephone answering system at (705) 778-3821.

Upcoming Events

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Contact Information

Contact Information




Danielle Follett


 (705) 778-3821

 Melissa Whalen


 (705) 778-3821

Lindsay Frater  Treasurer

 (705) 778-3821


 Stephanie Mauro  Secretary  (705) 778-3821
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