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Welcome to Mrs. McCredie's Class!
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Welcome to Mrs. McCredie's Grade 6/7 Class!
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How to study for a test...
        -re-read your text book
        -re-read notes you took (the teacher must have thought that stuff was important!)
        -read teacher feedback on assignments
        -re-do or think about activities or experiments we did
        -have someone quiz you
        -make notes on you notes (e.g., cue cards)

Things to do at home if you have no HW...


        Practice typing skills!  

        Practice adding two- and three- digit numbers in your head!

        Practice times tables!

        Play a board game or card game! (e.g., chess, cribbage)

Thurs. Feb. 5
Fri. Feb. 13

Mon. Feb. 16
Feb 17-20
Fri. Feb. 20
Tues. Feb. 24
Tues. Mar. 3
School Speech competition (students wishing to compete have begun working on speeches early)
Report Cards Go Home
Family Day
In-class Speech Presentations
Final Skating Day
Pancake Day
Cross Counrty Skiing Trip

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