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Welcome to Mrs. McCredie's Class!
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Welcome to Mrs. McCredie's Grade 6/7 Class!
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Things to do at home if you have no HW...


        Practice saying and writing really big numbers (like millions and billions and trillions!)

        Practice times tables!

        Play a board game or card game! (e.g., chess, cribbage)

Ready To Go!

Tues. Sept 2
Fri. Sept. 12
Wed. Sept 17

Fri. Sept. 19
Thurs. Sept. 25
Fri. Sept 26

First Day of School!
Student Council Posters Due to Mrs. Leeming (for those who want to run for student council)
Grade 6/7 trip to Larryland
Magazine Fundraiser Begins
Student Council Elections (speech presentations)
HBPS Open House 6-7 pm
PA Day

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